Winter tires for safe driving on cold roads

There is probably no longer any doubt about the necessity of using winter tires in the difficult climatic conditions of winter. The general recommendation is to switch to winter tires if the ambient temperature drops below 7°C.

Home bakeries for the preparation of fresh bread and pastries

Do you love to have a fresh, crispy slice of bread or a warm, fragrant pastry for breakfast? Then definitely get yourself a small home bakery.

Kitchen robots - reliable companions for cooking and baking

Discover a reliable companion for your daily or occasional cooking and baking. Become a creative chef. Prepare dishes from around the world.

Pressure cookers for healthy meals, saving energy and time

Master the preparation of your favorite dishes in a fraction of the time. Healthy steam cooking under higher pressure significantly shortens the preparation time and thus saves energy.

Economical TVs for everyone all year round

Modern television receivers are intelligent, economical SMART devices for every household. Rich functions, ultra-flat timeless design, excellent image and sound predestined them for everyday use.

Yogurt makers - helpers to support natural immunity

Prepare delicious probiotic yogurts at home with high-quality fresh or dried fruit. Get sufficient immunity thanks to good bacteria, which are essential for the proper functioning of the intestinal microflora.

Clothes steamers for easy treatment and disinfection of clothes

The steam softens and straightens the fibers in the textile, thereby straightening wrinkled clothes and folds. At the same time, it effectively disinfects textiles.

How to choose the best coffee?

Coffee is one of the oldest and most popular stimulant drinks. It is a delicious reason for meetings with friends, for pleasant relaxation and rest.

Homemade smokehouses for natural preservation and full taste of smoked meats

Along with drying, smoking is the oldest form of food preservation. Popular butchers and meat processing is an excellent opportunity for the whole family and friends to meet.

Window cleaning - efficient and modern

Cleaning windows, mirrors, shower stalls, or various smooth shiny surfaces in the home is often a nightmare. But do it efficiently and modernly.

Relax with winter sports

Slovakia is a beautiful mountainous country with many well-equipped winter resorts. They offer a great environment for relaxation and sports with excellent snow conditions.

How to choose the right hob?

Equip your modern home with a glass-ceramic cooktop or a safe induction cooktop. Try innovative, fun, easy cooking and lots of smart functions.

How to treat the car before winter?

And don't forget! An even more challenging part of the year is approaching! Cold winter conditions will test the maintenance and appearance of your traveling companion.

Stoves and ovens for baking for the perfect culinary experience

Stoves and ovens are essential helpers in the kitchen for preparing tasty, colorful and perfectly baked dishes.

Modern hoods for a stylish kitchen

Instant kettles for tea and coffee enthusiasts

Are you a lover of classic potted coffee? Do you like to enjoy the taste and aroma of teas from all over the world? A modern household cannot do without a kettle.

Food dryers for quality processing of seasonal fruit

Discover the world of drying mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, herbs and other foods. Have healthy snacks at hand all year round without chemicals or preservatives.

How to choose a coffee machine?

Become a barista in a home cafe. Prepare a culinary experience for your loved ones and friends. Also try different methods of preparing coffee.

Vacuum sealers for longer preservation of fresh food

Preserve the natural color, smell and taste of food! Vacuum! Your food stays fresh longer. Even five times longer!

How to choose a freezer?

Do you regularly freeze large quantities of seasonal fruit, vegetables, fish or meat? Choose the most suitable freezer for your needs.

How to choose a dishwasher?

Do you know that any program in the dishwasher consumes less water than washing by hand?

How to choose a refrigerator?

Extend the fresh taste of food, drinks and cooked meals. Store your supplies clearly and save personal time for other family activities.

How to save electricity?

Electricity consumption represents a significant cost item in the family budget.

How to save energy at home?

Record consumption on individual energy meters. Increase efficiency when using household appliances.

Games and toys for every day

Support the healthy development of all family members and choose from a large selection of toys for children. Have fun with friends, fill your seniors' free time. A toy is often the fulfillment of an adult's childhood dream.

How to choose a washing machine and clothes dryer?

Washing is a necessary activity in every household.

Microwave ovens for every practical kitchen

Microwave ovens belong in every practical kitchen. The principle of operation of microwaves during cooking will save you energy and time. They simply and quickly heat ready-made liquid and solid foods without the need for oil and without burning.

How to save?

Soaring inflation is breaking records. It is necessary to adapt. Change your approach to life, change your habits. If you save a few euros a day on small things, the result can be surprising for you.

Games and toys for older children

Creative, interactive, didactic or educational games and toys are the best preparation for your children's future. Allow children to compete and assert themselves in the collective.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

Does mud, dust, pollen, mites, allergens and other impurities make your life unpleasant? Vacuum.

How to save money by changing eating habits?

Eating habits. We all have our favorite and established practices. Try to get inspired and take the first steps to change them

Lego - a kit for everyone regardless of age

The world's most popular construction kit from Lego.

Garden before winter

Prepare the garden for autumn treatment so that it survives the winter in good condition. Get ready for transplanting, cutting, chopping, winterizing, lawn care, fertilizing, processing and storing fruits and vegetables.

Toys for the little ones

Develop the curiosity of the smallest children and the ability to always explore something new.

School is calling!

Create a pleasant study environment for your schoolchildren at home and a corner for rest and relaxation.

Garden furniture that you must have!

Garden furniture completes the unique atmosphere of your garden, balcony, terrace or veranda. The chosen style is a reflection of your personality and imagination.

How to choose a garden grill?

Choose the right grill for fun and enjoyment. Enjoy roasting steaks, cooking stews, or fondue parties on the weekend.

How to choose a parasol?

The sunflower is a very practical and modern addition to the garden. It's always at hand when you need to create a shadow.

How to choose a gazebo?

Cool off in the hot summer in the shade of the gazebo. Garden gazebos are suitable for every occasion.

How to choose a trampoline?

The trampoline will perfectly test your physical condition, cardio system, and coordination. Jumping actively entertains both children and adults.

What materials are garden furniture made of?

Garden furniture is made from a large number of different materials. The offer includes sets made of wood, rattan, bamboo, metal or plastic.

Enjoy your garden all summer long!

The garden in summer is usually a place of peace and relaxation after the busy spring. You can relax with a number of activities. It is ideal to divide the garden into a work zone and a relaxation zone.