How to choose a refrigerator?
15.11.2022 | Editorial office

How to choose a refrigerator?

Extend the fresh taste of food, drinks and cooked meals. Store your supplies clearly and save personal time for other family activities.

Choose according to the number of family members . A large family needs a large cooling capacity . Do you live as a couple? Do you prefer eating out? A smaller combined refrigerator and freezer is ideal for you.

Spatial possibilities and the design of the home are also essential for the choice of size and location. Choose a stylish American refrigerator or a modern built-in refrigerator.

Professional information also has an impact on your choice according to electricity consumption . Look for a new energy label . A class A refrigerator will have the lowest energy consumption in kWh per year. Don't overlook the information about noise emissions in dB . Quiet operation will be appreciated especially in smaller households. The label also shows data on the volume of the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment. Long-term experience recommends a volume of about 80 liters in the refrigerator and about 30 liters in the freezer per household member.

The superior antibacterial surface treatment of the inside of the refrigerator prevents the growth of bacteria and mold

The open door sound signal will sound when the door is not completely closed. The display will show you the set temperature inside the refrigerator.

Do you live on a higher floor without an elevator? The size and weight of the refrigerator may limit your choice. Don't be surprised by the weight of 100 kg or more.

Refrigerators without a freezer

Refrigerators without a freezer

Refrigerators without a freezer, or also monoclimatic refrigerators , are suitable for larger households. You will use them to store a large volume of food and drinks. And you don't have to defrost.

Do not forget the main principles . The refrigerator belongs in a cold place, the further away from the radiator and the sun's rays. Open the door for a minimum time. Store food according to the principle that the bottom is cooler. Use closed boxes for clear storage. Vacuum packing is ideal   for longer preservation of fresh taste and aroma.

Special drawers for fresh food are located in the zero zone, where the temperature is maintained around 0°C. The humidity adjustment function optimizes the humidity of fruits and vegetables according to the selected mode.

I ntelligent refrigerators with a number of smart functions will, for example, remind you which foods are running low . They will complete your shopping list.

  • they have a large space for cooling food and drinks they do not need to be defrosted they are suitable as a second refrigerator they are suitable for business purposes
  • smaller selection of models

How to choose a freezer?

Refrigerators combined with a freezer

Refrigerators combined with a freezer

The most popular there are refrigerators with a freezer . All the smart features of the refrigerator are complemented by a freezer.

Choose the right volume for cooling and freezing food. The optimal use is 80% of the volume.

Separate doors when opening the refrigerator and freezer prevent unnecessary leakage of cold air from the other part of the appliance.

It depends only on you whether you choose a combination with a freezer above or below the refrigerator . Twin-compressor refrigerators with you can defrost it in the freezer and clean it separately.

Air circulates in refrigerators with the No Frost function and a fan . Frost on walls and food is eliminated.

Smart combined refrigerators have separate temperature control for the cooling and freezing sections.

Are you planning to move in the future? Choose the variant with interchangeable door opening . You can easily turn their opening to the left or right as needed.

  • compact dimensions for smaller households, lower energy consumption, the possibility of choosing a location even outside the kitchen
  • smaller volume

Vacuum sealers for longer preservation of fresh food


American refrigerators

American refrigerators

American refrigerators with their parameters, huge volume, above-standard dimensions and weight are destined for single-family homes and multi-member families.

The combination of a freezer with separate drawers improves the overview of their contents. Separate opening reduces heat leakage from the drawers.

The integrated ice maker and crusher is practical and stylish.

The color display combined with artificial intelligence offers you a number of functions. The refrigerator becomes part of the smart home. The TV function is intended for entertainment. Is someone ringing? Connect wi-fi cameras to the monitor and keep an overview of every corner of the home.

The monitor as a family desktop is also intended for your planning, for displaying photos, notes, shopping lists.

The integrated music player will make cooking more enjoyable with a musical concert.

Choose your favorite recipe and send it via Wi-Fi from your mobile directly to the smart kitchen oven.

When storing and removing food, both the contents of the refrigerator and the expiration date are updated. Have an online shopping list available on your mobile. Voice assistant and control by voice or touch is standard.

Are you busy cooking? Never mind! You can use the Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone for hands-free calls.

  • modern design artificial intelligence large clear internal volume
  • higher consumption, higher weight, larger dimensions, the need for professional assembly, the need for water supply and drainage

Freestanding refrigerators

Freestanding refrigerators

Freestanding refrigerators are a universal solution for your home. Monoclimatic or combined with a freezer. You are looking for a distinctive functional and design element to   the kitchen? White, black, colored or stainless steel? Do you dream of ultra modern or rounded retro style? Take care of the surface treatment. With stainless steel, you may be unpleasantly surprised by fingerprints.

Do you have a kitchen connected to the living room? Then pay attention to the noise of the refrigerator . Enjoy peaceful relaxation with music and rest.

  • the possibility of placement even outside the kitchen, the possibility of choosing a color scheme, design and retro style, a large selection of sizes

Built-in refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators are designed to be built into modern and stylish kitchen units. Highlight the clean and uncluttered design of your kitchen by incorporating all the appliances. For the refrigerator, it is necessary to ensure sufficient air circulation for heat removal. This requires experience and professional installation.

  • preserving the undisturbed design of the kitchen unit, lower noise
  • professional installation required

Table refrigerators, mini, retro refrigerators

Table refrigerators, mini, retro refrigerators

Desktop refrigerators are small and undemanding refrigerators. The compact dimensions are suitable for hotel apartments, student apartments, offices or cottages.

Structurally, it is a combination of a refrigerator and a mini-freezer. They can adequately keep food and drink cold.

Furnish your modern home or office with a colorful retro refrigerator in a vintage design. You will get   a unique stylish accessory.

  • lower purchase price lower energy consumption
  • small cooling volume, higher noise level, absence of modern functions

Car refrigerator

Car refrigerator

You will also appreciate chilled food and drinks on the road, while camping or on a boat.

Power the portable car refrigerator from the car sockets 12V/24V or 230V . Compressor technology and high-quality insulation keep drinks cold even for several hours after the power is disconnected. Place food that has cooled to room temperature in the refrigerator.

Equipped with wheels and rubberized handles , they will facilitate handling in the field.

Are you traveling with small children? Choose a portable refrigerator with a heating function . You can easily heat their favorite treat to the required temperature.

Use the USB power option anywhere and anytime from a power bank.

  • the possibility of carrying, the possibility of heating, the possibility of USB power supply
  • smaller cooling volume

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