How to choose a dishwasher?
16.11.2022 | Editorial office

How to choose a dishwasher?

Do you know that any program in the dishwasher consumes less water than washing by hand? Do you eat outside the home? Do you have a big family?

Consider the size of the dishwasher. The larger capacity of the dishwasher also means higher consumption of electricity and water.

Pay attention to the new energy label . The QR code contains the product information sheet. The data on the electricity consumption of the ECO program for 100 cycles is interesting. Also find out information about the water consumption in the ECO program for one cycle, the duration of one ECO cycle , the noise level, and the capacity of the dishwasher , i.e. the number of sets of dishes per ECO cycle.

Use the ECO program and lower the wash cycle temperature. Lowering the temperature by about 10°C will save energy consumption by 10 to 20%.

Do you have less used dishes? Choose the half load program and save water and energy.

Dishwashers are ideal for households with their own photovoltaic system . The delayed start function starts washing at the most convenient time. When you are away from home or at a time with a lower electricity tariff.

Do you have solar heating ? Check whether your dishwasher has the ability to connect hot water.

Also watch the noise level. Attention, even with a small difference of only 3dB, the perception of noise doubles.

Freestanding dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers

No more dilemma about who will wash the dishes! Empty kitchen unit, clean sink!

Place free-standing dishwashers in a selected location with water supply and drainage and power supply.

Control smart washing machines remotely via mobile apps with Wi-Fi support. The sensors and functions of the 6th sense recognize the load of the dishwasher and adapt the entire dosing and washing process.

Use baskets and drawers for dishes for quick and safe loading in the dishwasher and to protect the glass from damage.

Choose a width of 45 or 60 cm . The capacity for a width of 45 cm will be up to 10 sets of dishes . For a width of 60 cm, it can be up to 16 sets of dishes . It depends on the height and depth of your dishwasher.

  • easy handling, large capacity for washing dishes, location outside the kitchen unit, child lock
  • unsuitable for small households unsuitable for confined spaces higher noise level

Table dishwashers

Table dishwashers

Are you alone? Do you live as a couple? Desktop dishwashers are ideal for you. These appliances are suitable for small apartments, apartments, offices or cottages.

You don't even have to have a pressurized water supply, use manual filling and draining . You can easily wash 2-3 sets of dishes.

Check whether you are missing cleaning salt or polish . Use the automatic cleaning mode . Check the seals and the filter regularly.

The Antioverflow function prevents water from overflowing.

  • compact dimensions for confined spaces on the table also suitable for daily washing of glasses and coffee cups simple operation variable programs for saving water and energy models without the need for a pressurized water supply
  • smaller capacity of dishes

Built-in dishwashers

Built-in dishwashers

Built-in dishwashers are, by their construction and dimensions, intended for installation in the kitchen cabinet. Hidden behind the door, they merge into one unit.

The control panel will not disturb the dream design of your kitchen. A light beam projects information about the remaining washing time onto the floor.

Choose the width according to your needs. As well as free-standing, built-in dishwashers are also produced in a width of 45 or 60 cm .

They have the same functions integrated. Half filling , delayed start , interior lighting , automatic door opening , active drying , protection against water leakage and the Fuzzy Logic function. Intelligent functions recognize the load and adapt the washing process. Wi-Fi support and remote control are also available.

  • reduced noise level after installation in the line does not disturb the design of the kitchen
  • a covered control panel may prevent control of the wash cycle

Means for dishwashers

Means for dishwashers

Tablets for dishwashers are the basic means for the cleanliness and bright shine of washed dishes. They fulfill the soaking function, dissolve burnt-on dirt and tea stains, protect filters, and polish glass. Store them out of the reach of children in a dry and cool place.

For a dazzling shine of glasses and glass, add polish . If you have harder water, add regeneration salt to the reservoir according to the instructions before or during the washing cycle.

The advantage of gels and powders for dishwashers is the possibility of dosing as needed.

Try ecological natural remedies , protect the environment.

You can maintain good condition by regularly using cleaning products to remove limescale, grease and to clean all internal parts. Simply apply them once a month or after 30 programs.

Air fresheners can last to spread your favorite scent for almost a hundred washing cycles.

Hand washing dishes

Hand washing dishes

Waiting for your dishwasher? Do you wash dishes by hand? Do you want to save water?

Use buckets and water savers as well as a double sink . Soak and wash dishes in the first sink. Rinse them in the second sink. Use dish drainers for storage and drying.

The choice of products for hand washing is almost unlimited. Use BIO products with your favorite scent, gentle on the skin of your hands.

Plan the most suitable dishwasher for you.

  • immediate washing after using dishes
  • demanding on personal time unpopular activity greater water consumption wiping dishes by hand slow drying of dishes stains on glass and glasses


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