Toys for the little ones
18.09.2022 | Editorial office

Toys for the little ones

Toys for toddlers are the first contact toys with the surrounding environment. Develop their curiosity and ability to explore something new. Allow the little ones to handle different materials, explore toys with all their senses. Choose high-quality, health-safe certified toys, marked with the CE mark. European safety standards are the strictest in the world.



Are your babies teething? Are they restless, do you notice increased drooling? Help them overcome their anxiety and their first difficulties. Surround them with baby teethers.

In addition to stimulating the gums, they will help develop grip, motor skills and coordination of hand movements and vision.

They are also the first massage toothbrushes. Follow the recommendations for use according to the age of the child. The most important features are

  • cooling and alleviating inflammation of the gums
  • stimulation of biting and chewing for jaw development
  • easy cleaning
  • development of the perception of shapes and colors
  • recognizing different materials by hardness
  • identification of diverse surface structure
  • they develop gross motor skills and the ability to grasp



Entertain the baby for a long time with pleasant sounds. Rattles are the first most used toy.

In addition to the function of biting teeth to relieve pain and itching, they allow you to explore the world of sounds.

The tinkling, ringing, rustling of the rain soothes them. Support the development of the child's natural curiosity.

  • allow you to explore the world of sounds and music




In addition to the basic function of feeding the baby, the pacifier is an irreplaceable tool for its proper development. A quality pacifier is made from one piece of material.

Natural rubber is resistant to biting and most resembles the pleasant, warm touch of the skin.

Pacifiers are ideal for sleeping. An additional strap allows hanging on a stroller or a crib. A pacifier chain can also be an attractive addition to a child's kit. Protect teats from getting dirty. On the road, you will appreciate cases and boxes for pacifiers .

  • natural latex most closely resembles natural skin shape imitating the mother's nipple stimulates the suction effect pacifiers support proper breathing through the nose they help the correct position of the tongue in relation to the palate the anatomical shape of the pacifier helps the proper development of the baby's jaw

Baby bottlesPacifiers

Stroller toys

Stroller toys

Develop the baby's ability to touch and feel. Stroller toys are ideal for this. Choose cheerful hanging toys and interactive toys . They will keep the baby's attention.

They contain several fun elements. Stimulate attention and the development of sensory perception. They are eye-catching, rustle, jingle, play, flash. They stand out for their color and pleasant-to-the-touch materials.

When handled, they turn, swing, wave, or spin in a spiral . The most common material is pleasant and soft plush.

  • ideal for small children's hands, fine motor development

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals

Plush toys for the little ones are an irreplaceable companion for cuddling and falling asleep. They accompany the child until adulthood. Find the dream stuffed animal for your child from the realm of animals, fairy tales, princes and princesses, or other cute characters.

Is your favorite teddy bear or elephant the king of stuffed animals? In the room, on the road, in bed, choose a suitable companion.

Toys with a projector turn the ceiling of the room into a sparkling sky full of stars. Melodies of songs, chirping of birds, or pleasant sounds from nature will be played.

  • plush toys give a sense of security and well-being, they are ideal for cuddling and developing feelings

Toys for children

Bath and water toys

Bath and water toys

Multifunctional bath and water toys attract attention by moving, splashing water, making sounds or flashing lights. Your little ones won't want to leave the bath anymore.

Mesh pockets for water toys make it easy to store them. After filling, you can easily fix them with suction cups or Velcro above the bathtub. Always have everything at hand.

Bathe your baby safely in a bathtub or baby bath . Get a handy baby bed for the bathtub . The ideal inclination keeps the head above water and you can comfortably wash the baby.

  • they create various fun effects in the water, physical phenomena stimulate the senses and the perception of the surrounding world

Water toysBaby swimwearBath toys

Baby beds

Baby beds

Put your bathed baby to rest in the baby bed , in which he will feel comfortable. The sunbeds stand independently on stable legs. They are equipped with a headrest, a safety belt and a bar for hanging toys. Calm and put your baby to sleep with the pleasant sounds and vibrations of the baby bed.

A variation is a nest for babies to place on the bed. They are pleasantly soft and babies feel as safe in them as in their mother's belly. Both you and your baby will love them.

  • the possibility to change the height and position of the baby, the possibility to turn the baby bed into a cradle or a swing, they are a modern addition to your interior, they involve the baby in family life when he is not sleeping, they are also suitable for traveling

Baby beds

Play blankets and mats

Play blankets and mats

Play mats and play blankets are ideal for undisturbed fun for babies. They are suitable for storage on the floor. Guarantee the safety of the child and attract their attention with fun activities.

Allow children to manipulate the toys on the removable climbing frame. The insulating foam pad will protect them from the cold . It will serve great as a picnic blanket during your walks.

Be sure to check out the changing mats . You can use them for playing at home or for hygienic diaper changes anywhere on the road. Roll them into a roll and you're done. Or pack disposable changing mats with you.

  • anti-slip surface against sliding on the floor for safe lifting of the head, crawling, or first getting up suitable for rest and play
  • changing mats disposable changing mats

Dolls for the little ones

Dolls for the little ones

Cheerful dolls , depicting the characters of girls and boys, are irreplaceable companions for the healthy development of a child. Partner relationships are created when playing with dolls.

They have realistic features and are made of textile and harmless PVC materials. They are easy to keep clean. They often replace a sibling or friend.

Rag dolls are especially popular. Do you miss a crying doll or a doll that makes realistic sounds? It doesn't matter, the offer is wide.

  • soft and pleasant to the touch




You can't do it without a potty. High-quality anatomical potties guarantee the correct sitting position of the child. At the same time, they are also a toy to make the expected need more pleasant.

They have colorful, creative shapes of various animals or toy cars. They are equipped with handles.

They can make realistic sounds to attract attention. Children will learn to go to the potty in a playful way.

  • easy hygiene maintenance


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